Trustees and the Board

Our team has diverse experience. Different competencies, and life experiences gives our team great advantage in understanding what needs to be done and what is the best redress of domestic violence issues.



Ethel Makila-Communications Manager, Kenya

Yussuf Dimoso- Attorney at Law, and House of Representatives candidate, Zanzibar

Esther Kisaghu-Founder & Public Health Professional, Kenya


The Board

Chairperson-Esther Kisaghu, Public Health Professional, Author & Founder, Kenya

Vice-Chairperson-Liz Mwambui, INGO Consultant, Kenya

Secretary-Lilian Wakoli, Teacher, Kenya

Vice-Secretary-Mercy Mkala, Psychologist, Kenya

Treasurer-Eric Simiyu, INGO Director, Kenya

Vice-Treasurer-Maxmillian Rajula, IT Specialist, Kenya



Member-Eric CB Nelson, Reverend, USA

Member-Tomoni Mwamunga, Fellow, USA

Program Manager - Ivy Wanjiru, University graduate