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Domestic Violence is Preventable

We at the Rose Foundation believe, domestic violence is preventable. Therefore, our vision is to see that  domestic violence is eradicated.



The Rose Foundation's mission is to prevent domestic violence before it occurs, by using the public health approach of primary prevention, thus reducing first time victimization or perpetration.

Primary Prevention

Public Health is the engagement of societies in disease interventions among populations.


The founder of Rose Foundation, is a Master of Public Health graduate from Boston University, School of Public Health. It was during her time as a student at BUSPH, that she learned that domestic violence is preventable, as many other public health problems.

Since the 1980’s, domestic violence has rightful been recognized as a public health issue, a departure from the traditional thinking of it being just a human rights issue. The outcomes of domestic violence affect individuals health, whether it is in non-fatal injuries, mental health or social wellbeing and at a societal level a loss of investments and a huge health expenditure.

By using the primary approach, RF emphasizes on collective action of different sectors such as health, social services, judiciary, education, and religion, to prevent and alleviate domestic violence-intervention at the population level.

The primary approaches that RF uses are: early childhood and family-based approaches, school-based approaches, community-based approaches, and public information and awareness campaigns.

At the Rose Foundation, we believe:

1. Safety First : Preservation of life and guarding the sanctity of life.

2. Human Dignity: Domestic violence dehumanises victims and robs them of their God-given right to a life of dignity.


3. Equality: God created all human beings equal.

4. Pro-Family: Prevention will help restore families and rebuild shattered communities.


5. Engaging Men: We recognize the role of men in prevention effort

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  • Domestic Violence Virtual Fundraiser
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    15 Jun, 19:00
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    To benefit charity, Johnson Mwakazi goes head to head with singing sensation Tindi, as the Rose Foundation Founder goes for a cook-off with a zing

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